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One of the most critical problems facing Veterans today is finding qualified Service Providers that can address their needs.  Although there are over 43,000 Service Providers nationwide and over 1,000 in North Texas, two-thirds of todayís Veterans donít know where to go to get help.  The Veterans Center of North Texas addresses this problem by providing referral services to connect Veterans and their families to qualified Service Providers no matter what their need.  Our 9-Step process is designed to ensure success for both the Veteran and the Service Provider:

1. Establish, expand, and maintain Community Awareness.  VCONT works with community leaders, media, Veterans groups, Service Provider coalitions, individual Service Providers, and the Veteran community to ensure all North Texas Veterans know that the Veterans Center of North Texas is the first stop to get help with any of their needs.

2. Identify the needs of North Texas Veterans.  VCONT understands the needs of Veterans vary from community to community and uses this information to identify and prioritize service areas where Service Providers are needed.

3. Evaluate Service Provider organizations to identify the specific services the provide, eligibility requirements and documentation required to apply for their services.  VCONT then establishes partnering agreements with the Service Provides best qualified to help Veterans and their families.

4. Meet face-to-face with the Veteran to understand all of his/her needs and learn/understand the Veteranís desires for satisfying those needs.

5. Match the Veteranís needs to our database of qualified Service Providers to identify the provider(s) best equipped to satisfy the Veteranís needs.  Note that we are able to assist Veterans with almost any issue.

6. Help the Veteran contact the Service Provider(s) and assist him/her prepare the paperwork required by the provider(s).

7. Follow up with the Service Provider(s) to ensure the Veteran met his/her commitments.

8. Follow up with the Veteran to ensure the Service Provider(s) provided the services needed.

9. Periodically reevaluate the needs of North Texas Veterans and requalify Service Providers to ensure they are able to satisfy the current and possibly changing needs of North Texas Veterans.